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Food and herb remedy for Insomnia caused by blood deficiency

  • November 25, 2017

Do you have blood deficiency?

Do you have the experience of bending down for 2 minutes and when you get up you feel dizzy or even blacked out for a second?

In Qing Dynasty the famous Chinese medicine doctor Mengyin Wang introduced a food remedy to tonify blood. The remedy is called “Yu Ling Gao”.

The common symptoms of blood deficiency are:
Poor memory
Lack of lust on the skin
Pale lips and tongue color
Easily feel tired
Prone to coldness. Cold hands and feet in winter
Feel dizzy after getting up suddenly

So what are the causes for blood deficiency?
Weak digestive system. In Chinese medicine term weak stomach and Spleen.
Too much mental activities. All the mental activities consume the heart and spleen blood. With all the stress in the modern society our mind is a non stop spin.
Injuries. Injury could cause loss of blood.
Female menstruation. Some women have heavy periods which could be the reason of blood deficiency
Child birth. Some women develop blood deficiency after childbirth

The ingredient of Yu Ling Gao is simple. It is made of 10 potions of dried Longan fruit and 1 portion of American Ginseng. Chop the Dried Longan fruit into smaller pieces and mix it with American Ginseng powder. Put them in a bowl and steam the mixture for 4 hours and it is ready to be consumed. Take a spoon of the Yu ling Gao and add boiled water to make a drink of it. Once or twice a day is recommended.

So let’s have a look at the ingredients:
Longan fruit:
Longan fruit is also called Dragon’s Eye in China. It Tonifies heart and spleen, nourishes blood, calms the spirit. It treats insomnia, palpitations, poor memory, and dizziness.

American Ginseng:
American Ginseng is a powerful herb. It boosts energy and enhance our immune system. In Chinese medicine, it nonifies Qi and it is cool in property. It balance out the warm of the Longan berry.

The benefits of Yu Ling Gao:
Improves sleep
Enhances memory
Calms the mind
Makes the skin more lustrous
Warms the extremities
Relieve pains

Yu Ling Gao is suitable for most people except pregnant woman, children, during the period of catching a cold or flu.

Learn how to make Yu Ling Gao from the link below:

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