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Nourishing tea for the Summer

  • August 3, 2018

From the 17th of July until 25th of August this year in Chinese calendar terms is “Sanfu” or the “Great Heat” term. In the Summer Solstice day the Yang energy in the nature reaches its maximum and starts decline/descend and Yin Energy starts to grow and ascend. When the two energy meets it creates heat and damp. That is why this time of the year there is a high humidity.

In the “Sanfu” term some people could experience tiredness, digestive disorders, muscle pains, skin problems, respiratory issues etc that closely linked to the heat and dampness around us. In the “Sanfu” term in China there is a tradition of boosting up the energy to treat the problems worsen in the winter like Asthma, Auto Immune disease, Arthritis etc.  This is called ” Sanfu Jiu”. It is done by applying Moxibustion or warming herbal plasters.

From the start of “Sanfu” term I made a herbal decoration/tea called “Growing and Transforming Tea”. It has 5 ingredients in it: Astragalus, Ginseng, Poria, White Atractylodes, and Licorice Root. This herbal tea boost up the energy, enhance the immune system, expel dampness internally and help the body better prepared for the autumn and winter.

Nourishing tea

Let’s look at the ingredients:

Astragalus: Improves the defensive energy in the body. Therefore it improves the immune system and boost up the energy.

Ginseng: Ginseng is a great energy booster. It also replenish Yin/body fluid drained in the heat.

Poria: Poria is a fungus living underneath the pine trees. Poria is one of the most commonly used herb in Chinese medicine to drain the internal dampness/excess fluid from the body.

White Atractylodes: Supports the digestive system and expel the excess fluid from the digestive system.

Licorice: Supports the digestive system and harmonize the functions of all other herbs.

Since taking the the “Growing and Transforming Tea” my Hay Fever started to improve and eventually went away. For the last few years in the summer it is the first time I am able to work happily in the garden and allotment without experiencing sneezing and itchy eyes. None of the herbs have anti-histamine effect. However when the  energy is boosted and the digestive system stronger the immunity is improved. In Chinese Medicine Five Element theory the Spleen (Digestive system) is the Earth and the Lung (Respiratory system) is the metal. The Earth is the mother of the Metal. Therefore by boosting energy of the digestive system it in turn solves the problems of the Respiratory system.

The taste of the tea is mild with slight sweetness of the Licorice. Drinking the tea throughput “Sanfu” gets the body prepared for the winter. Happy “Sanfu”

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