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Tips on Acupressure points for fertility

  • April 23, 2018


Infertility has emerged as one of the leading health issues among couples in recent times and it is to be blamed on our unhealthy life style with lack of physical activity and increased stress – two of the major reasons of infertility in both men and women.  On an average, 40 to 50 % cases of infertility are due to any problem in the woman while 20% of infertility cases are caused due to problem in the man.

More and more of us are turning to the side effect-free world of acupuncture to tackle a myriad of health and wellbeing issues. Whether you approach it as complementary to western medicine – which many do – or choose to go down the holistic route entirely, the benefits of acupuncture have been widely documented. A recent series of studies found that acupuncture increased the success rates of IVF embryo transfer by around 50 percent.

Why Acupuncture Works

According to ancient Chinese documentation, the body is comprised of many different frequencies of energy. This energy travels through the body into what are called meridian points, points where the energy comes together and disperses in different directions. In these pathways, and especially at meridian points, there can be coagulations of this energy. The needles will eliminate these blockages, and in doing so, will make it possible for the proper flow of energy through the body to be restored which can bring balance throughout the body helping you to heal. This has worked very well with individuals that suffer from chronic pain such as fibromyalgia. It has even been found to work better than opiates, some of the strongest pain relief medications ever developed.


Acupuncture DIY Tips for fertility

Often times, patients will come in for treatment once a week but this is usually not enough to keep the body’s momentum going. A good way to supplement acupuncture would be to use do self acupressure.

Using hands rather than needles at points to promote the blood circulation and unblock the channels of the body. These points each have a close relationship to reproductive system of a woman’s body according to Chinese medicine. You can knead these points using to tip of your fingers at these points until a sore achy sensation is felt. It is best to do this twice a day for eight to ten minutes:

Li4 “joining valley”(Chinese name: He-gu)  is located at the middle junction of your index finger and thumb. This point is good for the immune system and for health in general. Located on the yang ming Large Intestine channel, it is used as a key point circulate blood and vital energy and one of the most commonly used points in acupuncture.

It’s a source of pain relief, including pelvic pain, menstrual cramps, and headache. It’s also good for adjusting your nervous system and for bringing circulation throughout your entire body


Sp6 or “three yin crossing” is one of the most frequently used points for women’s health. It is the crossing point of the kidney, liver, and spleen meridians, which are vital in organs in Chinese Medicine. This powerful point stimulates your female energy and strengthens your reproductive organs.[2]  Using the inside of your ankle bone as a starting point, lay your four fingers horizontally across your ankle area. It is the area four finger breadths just off your shin bone.


*Please do not use these points if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant. If and when in doubt please consult your practitioner

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