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Why am I dizzy? (case study 2)

  • October 30, 2018

In the last article we discussed the dizziness which is feeling dizzy when getting up from sitting or lying down. There is another type of dizziness which is dizzy while sitting, lying or standing. It feels like sitting on a rocking boat all the time.

The reason for this type of dizziness in Chinese medicine is that there is dead water (damp phlegm) in the blood which  provides insufficient oxygen to the brain. We use a herb called Zhe Xie to clear the toxin (dead water) from the blood. There is a herbal formula called Zhe Xie Tang to treat this type of dizziness.

The formula is made from Zhe Xie and Bai Zhu. Zhe Xie clears the toxins from the blood. Bai Zhu removes dampness and strengthens the digestive system. It is a very simple formula from Shang Han Lun. But it is quite powerful.

A patient came in and complained about feeling dizzy while sitting, standing and lying down. “It feels like sitting on a rocking boat.” She got checked in the hospital and was told that there is nothing wrong with her. “Of course there is something wrong. Otherwise how could I feel so dizzy.”

I prescribed Zhe Xie tang in raw herbs. We also did Acupuncture in conjunction. After the first week there is obvious improvement in the dizziness. In about 2-3 week nearly all the dizziness are gone.

So what other condition Zhe Xie Tang treats? Zhe Xie Tang could also treat high cholesterol. The fatty tissue in the blood is seen as a form of phlegm damp in Chinese medicine. Please find a qualified herbalist if you consider using Chinese herbs.

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