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Why is my period painful – Coldness

  • September 5, 2018

In China we have a tradition that women do not contact cold during their menstruation whether it is a cold drink, sitting on a cold surface or contacting cold water. Normally we have defensive energy in Chinese Medicine called “Zheng Qi” to protect us from cold penetrating to the body. However during the menstruation women’s body are more vulnerable. Like the cold makes water into ice, cold could also make blood stagnate in the uterus. And this is the most common reason for the period pain.

Some women could experience severe camping pains during the period. The pain usually eases with heat. The cycles could be longer than normal. The color could be dark with blood clots. They could also look pale and are sensitive to the cold.

For women who already suffer from period pain caused by coldness it is important to keep warm not only during the menstruation but also in their daily life:

  • Wrap up well especially keep lower abdomen covered all the times
  • Eat warm cooked food. Avoid eat too much fruits and salads
  • Drink ginger tea and warm drinks. Avoid iced drinks

There is a drink women make in China to help with the period pain. It is a mix of Hawthorn berries, a few slices of ginger and raw cane sugar with boiled water. For mild period pain caused by coldness it normally eases out quickly after the drink. Hawthorn berries resolves the blood stagnation, ginger warms the abdomen and raw cane sugar warms the uterus.

For women who has chronic period pain it is best to get treatments with Acupuncture, Moxibustion or herbs.

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