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How become centenarian

  • May 16, 2019

According to the recent report, there are 5,491 100-year-old people in Jiangsu Province of China. The two longest-lived ones are 116 years old this year(2019), and they are still very healthy.

The investigation of the centenarians in Jiangsu Province has explored the causes and lifestyles of the longevity of centenarians. The results show the secrets of the longevity of the old people.

Centenarians don’t love exercise very much

Life needs less exercise which is a different health experience. According to the survey, most of the centenarians in Jiangsu do not do exercise regularly, whether in the past or the present.

“Look on the bright side of things” is an important factor in longevity

The life span of a person is influenced by basic factors such as economic, medical, social and natural environment, but it also has a great relationship with personal personality, diet, activity, genetics, and family.

According to the survey, the economic and physical condition of the centenarians in Jiangsu is not as good as the average person, but their life satisfaction and happiness are higher than the average person. In addition, most centenarians are particularly confident that “they make decisions on their own things”, not stubborn, good at listening to the opinions of family members.

Longevity password is on the dining table

The staple food of centenarians in Jiangsu is miscellaneous grains, rice and flour. Nearly 80% of the centenarians can eat 200-350g per day. As for fruits, the number of centenarians who eat every day is less than a quarter, and sometimes they eat nearly half, and nearly a quarter eat very little, which indicates that fruit has little effect on longevity. About vegetables, two or three hundred-year-olds eat 85% a day, but most elderly people often eat meat, fish, eggs and pickles, more than 90% often eat soy product.

According to the survey, it is very popular for drinking porridge for
the centenarians. “Not only drink white porridge, miscellaneous porridge, vegetable porridge, eight-treasure porridge, but also change the way to drink porridge.” The porridge is very complicated, except for the chopped vegetables. Pork ribs soup, fish soup, chicken soup are cooked together, sometimes added carrots, hawthorn boiled into the porridge. This is also in line with the view of Chinese medicine that porridge oil has Buzhong Yiqi, spleen and stomach, nourishing vitality which is as good as ginseng soup.

“Fish has fire, meat generates wet, only cabbage and tofu are safe,” this Chinese folk health saying in the centenarians , has a very obvious reflect. The survey shows that the older the elderly, the more cabbage they eat, and the cabbage has a unique effect on the elderly, stomach, lipid-lowering, and cancer prevention. It is precisely what the elderly need. Nowadays, many young people don’t like to eat onions, ginger, garlic and radishes, but these
centenarians are almost inseparable with them every day. Especially,,
Ginger can be not only as condiment, They have ginger tea, washing with ginger.

The summary of the longevity experience of thousands of centenarians is very practical for ordinary people. Let’s take a look at how many matches with friends and relatives around us.

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